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Sticks and Stones is a monthly cartoon published in Geoscientist magazine, it started in April 2002 and I'm forever grateful to Ted, the editor, for taking a chance on it. The following is a bit of info on me and the cartoon itself, but to be honest the most fun part of the site is the archive.


Hi my name's Dave and I write and draw Sticks and Stones. I studied Geology, tending toward sedimentology, and now work in stable isotopes. I'm a self taught cartoonist, influenced by the likes of Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County and The Far Side. My favourite cartoon from the archive is September 2008, followed closely by Nov 2008, so I guess late '08 was my purple patch.

I have just about every original since 2008 drawn on A3 Bristol Board, so if you fancy buying one please drop me an email. I'm happy to discuss other projects such as bespoke art, I'm not terrible at caricatures for example. We don't have to talk shop though, if you just fancy a natter then please feel free to get in touch.


Dalston, described by one geologist as "a few taxa short of an assemblage", seems to have turned into the hero of the cartoon, if that's the word. When not being policed by Gibbet or the Dean, you'll find him researching his latest crackpot idea, and whether it's being knee deep in porridge looking into mantle convection or playing hopscotch with a monkey on a bed of plaster of Paris, you can guarantee it's not been done before. His first name is Gideon though I never really worked out why, we're stuck with it now I'm afraid. Never seen without his trademark bobble hat.

Gibbet, first name Xavier, often plays the straightman to Dalston's buffoon. When not being rollocked by the Dean, usually on Dalston's behalf, he bemoans the fact that not enough research money is put into his pet subject - the metamorphic Rushton group. He has worn the same khaki shirt with the sleeves rolled up since the 60's, back when beards were compulsory for any self respecting geologist.

Morag, world expert in stereonets that look like faces, first appeared in April 2006 as a PhD student, so I guess by now she's a postdoc unless her project has really dragged on. Like Gibbet, Morag is often the one rolling her eyes at Dalston's latest cock up. She is definitely not based on an Edinburgh PhD student called Margaret.

The Dean, real name Edgar Niceday, is very much of the old school. He yearns for the days when social media meant a stiff brandy down the club and side partings were compulsory, speaking of which don't stare at his hair implants. When not rollocking Dalston, he is rollocking Gibbet.